When we talk of elves, I always think of Tolkien’s elvish warriors with their beautifully made weapons and the grace with which they fought, making a battle scene look almost like a dance. My children and I love the movies, of course, but we also have spent many an afternoon curled up listening to the audio book.

E is for Elves 

When brainstorming elvish projects for this post, what I really wanted to do was a bit of elvish translations. I personally love the artistic form of Tolkien’s elvish, though it is a bit of a complex language to teach a 1st grader. So instead I thought we might focus on making an “elvish” archery set.

We have in the past made a super easy PVC bow and arrow set. We still have that, it is very durable and a lot of fun to have around. So this time I thought I’d give something different a go. There is a popsicle stick mini bow and arrow tutorial that has gone viral and, try as I might, I couldn’t find the original source of that tutorial. It seems to have been stolen and re-posted on countless websites. You can view the full tutorial on Pinterest.

The idea is pretty simple. Take a popsicle stick, cut notches on either side of the top and bottom, soak it in water for about an hour, then tie some dental floss around it at the notches, making the floss tight enough that it bends a bit in the middle. Cut the end of a q-tip to use as an arrow.

E is for Elves (3)

We added an extra step to ours by coloring them with permanent markers and letting the ink dry overnight before we soaked them.

E is for Elves (4)

This has been a super fun, super easy project that both LittleMan and SunnyGirl enjoyed doing.

E is for Elves (5)

We’ve even made some targets to practice our sight words, vocabulary terms, and math facts. For example:

E is for Elves (2)


This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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