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After three years of writing about homeschooling, the most popular question I get from readers remains, “So what does your homeschool day look like? Do you have a schedule?”

I tend to answer something along the lines of, “every homeschool day looks different,” and, “just because I have a schedule doesn’t mean a stick to it.” Neither of which really satisfies the person asking the question.

So here it is, my answer in full eBook form, free to all of our weekly newsletter subscribers.
It is a realistic window into a homeschool family’s life- the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll hide nothing from you.

Free eBook to Newsletter Subscribers

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See what others are saying about A Week in the Life of Homeschoolers!

Melissa: “Great book! I loved this little window into a full week of plans made and waylaid. Full of great insights and resources for home education and ways to turn around a day that is headed in the wrong direction. Thank you so much for sharing your world with us!”

MaryAnne: “This is a great look into what homeschooling looks like! I especially enjoyed the planned day followed by what actually happened. The overview of popular homeschooling approaches is very helpful.”

Oberia: “I’ve been homeschooling for around three years, myself, and Suzy’s one of those people I can always turn to for advice. This piece on the real life of one week is a great way to share that same encouraging spirit with anyone else, who cares to take a look.
Suzy’s (Caitlyn’s) days don’t go as planned. No one’s ever does. I can honestly say that her day gone off plan is still neater than my day sticking to the plan. She’s kind enough to show how things do go off plan, even down to her natural feelings, annoyances, and occasional woes. I find the book quite encouraging for it.”

Becky: “Anyone on the fence about homeschooling or trying to imagine what another family’s homeschooling day-to-day life looks like will enjoy this sweet little book. What a lovely window into this family’s life, as well as a handy summary of the different styles of homeschooling that are available. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your homeschooling adventures with us!”



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