Free Printable Homeschool Door Signs

Free Printable Homeschool Door Signs (1)
I recently moved to a neighborhood that has so many children, there is always someone to play with! It is fantastic, we are really enjoying it. LittleMan especially loves the way neighborhood children will knock on our door and ask him to come out and play.

And the best part? They are all really great kids!
Sure, they have the same arguments that are to be expected among children but for the most part they all get along well. No one has a potty mouth. Most of them listen the first time I say something.

That said, no matter how much I love having them over to play and no matter how important I feel nurturing these positive friendships is for LittleMan and SunnyGirl, there are some times that we just can’t come out to play. Mainly, when we’re doing our homeschool lessons.

For that reason, I’ve created these door signs to help the neighborhood children know when we can and can’t play without having to knock on our door and possibly interrupt a lesson.

To keep things simple for the beginning readers, I’ve color coded the signs with the familiar “green for go, red for stop.”

Our green sign reads, “Welcome! We love having you over to play!”
Free Printable Homeschool Door Signs (2)

Our red sign reads, “Sorry! We can’t come out to play, homeschool is in session.”
Free Printable Homeschool Door Signs (3)

Due to weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc.. I recommend laminating these signs for durability.
Since most front doors are made of steel, you can add sticky-backed magnetic tape to the back so it will stick to the door.

Get your Free Printable Homeschool Door Signs by clicking (here).

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