Free Printable Wild Kratts Birthday Party Invitation

Since I am ridiculously cheap, er, I mean, frugal, I decided to make my own birthday party invitations rather than buying pre-made.

Wild Kratts Birthday Party Invitation (1)

If you’re as budget-conscious as I am, and you happen to be planning a Wild Kratts themed birthday party, then you are welcome to download and use my homemade party invitations at the following link:
Wild Kratts Free Printable Party Inviations

Two invitations print per page. Print however many pages you need.

There are two versions.
The version found on page two is the standard party invitation with spaces for name, event, venue, date/time, and RSVP contact.
The version found on page one requests, “no presents, please.” These are the invitations I like to use. Requesting no presents be given is an excellent way to relieve the social pressure to provide a gift as well as a way of helping your children ¬†understand that their birthday party is meant to be a fun event for all, not just an opportunity to gather more “stuff.”

Be sure to be on the look-out for more Wild Kratts posts the rest of the month as we celebrate a Wild Kratts birthday. There will be sensory play, a free printable, and yes we will even be making our own live-size Tortuga!

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