Free Resources to Learn about Frogs

A few months back my MIL gave the children two sets of puzzles: butterfly life cycle and frog life cycle. We’ve done a lot to learn about butterflies but the frog life cycle was still a fairly new concept for LittleMan. Up until now, his only experience with amphibians has been an impromptu lesson in frog anatomy when we found one outside.
Impromptu Frog Studies, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
Thanks to this new puzzle, interests have been peeked and library books have been checked out.

To go a long with this new found interest in frogs, I created this sensory bin. Besides the life cycle of a frog puzzle, I also included in the bin foam letters spelling “frog,” some plastic and rubber toy frogs of various sizes, and a felt pond with lily pads. For SunnyGirl I included two bowls, one with a blue bean bag, one with a green bean bag, as well as various blue and green glass gems throughout the bin to encourage a color sorting activity. Also included in the bin was a spoon and cardboard tube for manipulation of the beans that filled the bin.
Life cycle of a Frog Sensory Bin from Suzy Homeschooler

Besides our library books, there are many free online resources for learning about frogs.
Montessori Print Shop offers frog anatomy nomenclature cards.
Worksheet Place has a lovely life cycle of a frog booklet.
Teaching Ideas has life cycle of a frog posters and photo cards with real pictures of real frogs, not clipart.
Learn. Create. Love. offers life cycle of a frog sequencing cards.
Many YouTube videos show time lapse growth of tadpoles into frogs.
Mrs T’s First Grade Class shows another version of a frog life cycle booklet.
There are various frog craft tutorials at Danielle’s Place.
Sesame Street’s website has a printable to show you how to fold an origami hopping frog.
Fun at Home with Kids has some wonderful inspiration for frog pond pretend play.

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