Halloween Discovery Bottles

It has been a long time since we made any discovery bottles however this Halloween has provided us with the perfect excuse to throw some together!
Dollar Tree sells small jars of peanut butter which are short and round and just right for making pumpkin or jack-o-lantern discovery bottles.
Pumpkin Discovery Bottles (3)
All you need, besides the empty plastic jar with lid, is some green duct tape, a black Sharpie marker (optional), and some fun things to fill the jar with.
Pumpkin Discovery Bottles (4)
The items I used to fill my jars are as follows:
– orange water beads and glitter
– orange feathers and rice dyed orange
– orange dish soap and googly eyes
– orange swirl pasta and pinto beans
– orange paint and marbles
– orange wooden beads and silk autumn foliage
Most all of these items came from my sensory play stash. Since I had them on hand the cost for me was $0. Get creative with what you use to keep your costs low. Construction paper, an old shirt cut up, dry food from the pantry, miscellaneous office supplies like paper clips and erasers, leaves and acorns from your yard, etc..
Pumpkin Discovery Bottles (1)
Once my jars were full, I then secured the lid with green duct tape. I made an X with two strips of duct tape across the top and part way down the sides, then I wraped the top part of the sides in a third strip of duct tape.
Pumpkin Discovery Bottles (5)Once the lid was secure, I then drew jack-o-lantern faces on the jars with black Sharpie marker.
These jack-o-lantern discovery bottles, when paired with a plush ghost and plush witch, make for a fun Halloween treasure basket.
Pumpkin Discovery Bottles (6)
Because I wanted jack-o-lanterns, I filled my jars with orange items and drew faces on them with black Sharpie marker. If you wanted plain pumpkins then you would not need the Sharpie. If you wanted another fruit or vegetable instead of a pumpkin, then you would simply have to change the color of the items you fill the jar with. For example, if you wanted apple discovery bottles then you’d fill your jars with red items instead of orange items.

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