Hands-On Reading and Writing Activities with Bees

Last week I picked up these cute little paper¬†bees from Mardel¬†and used them to recreate a game I’ve seen all over the web: sight word smack.
Sight Word Bee Smack Game (1)
The idea is simple, just write sight words onto an insect of some type then give the kid a fly-swatter to smack the words as you call them out. (I laminated my bees for durability.)
Sight Word Bee Smack Game (2)
LittleMan has loved this game so much, and it has already worked wonders with his sight word memorization (3 new words in one day!). I wanted to see if I could use his interest in these bees to improve other areas as well, such as his handwriting.

With that thought in mind, I created this bee-themed salt tray.
Sight Word Bee Writing Practice Salt Tray (1)
I was trying for black salt with yellow paper underneath but the black food dye gave the salt a very dark green tint. I don’t think LittleMan will mind the minor color issues.
Sight Word Bee Writing Practice Salt Tray (2)
Included in the tray besides salt are little wooden bees (made by drawing black stripes onto round yellow beads and adding wire antennae), a wooden honey pot (made by coloring with sharpie onto a wooden candlestick holder), and some small silk flowers for the bees to pollinate.
I created a holder for the sight word cards by slipping a wooden bead into a large yellow binder clip to wedge it open so the paper can be easily removed and replaced by LittleMan, and then I removed the metal “wings” on the binder clip so it could rest easily on a flat surface.
Sight Word Bee Writing Practice Salt Tray (3)
I did also include a brush to even out the sand in-between words.

LittleMan hasn’t seen this salt tray yet as I just put it together tonight after his bedtime, but I’m hoping it will be as successful as our dinosaur salt tray was! *fingers crossed for good luck*



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