Harry Potter

The story of Harry Potter has inspired a love of literacy among innumerable children. The story is so engaging that many adults are unashamed to be caught with the YA novels and even pre-readers love the audio books.

H is for Harry Potter1 

Last year I created a game for my children, Catch and Read Quidditch. Though at the time I only used the game to learn a few fun words related to the game, such as “magic” and “broom”. Recently I’ve expanded the game pieces to include practice cards for all of the Dolch Sight Words.

The game is simple enough to play. All you need is a broom, printer, ink, cardstock paper, and lamination (optional but highly recommended if you plan to play outside). Simply download and print out the free printable packs below, cut out the golden snitches, and laminate them. Hide the golden snitches around, high and low, and let your child fly around on their broomstick collecting and reading as many snitches as they can.

Free Printable Golden Snitch Pre-Primer Sight Words

Free Printable Golden Snitch Primer Sight Words

Free Printable Golden Snitch First Grade Sight Words

Free Printable Golden Snitch Second Grade Sight Words

Free Printable Golden Snitch Third Grade Sight Words

H is for Harry Potter


This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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