Homeschool Travel Kit, First Grade

If you are taking any sort of trip this summer, then you’re probably looking for a way to keep the kids occupied while traveling to and from, and during their downtime while there. If whatever activities you found also happened to prevent summer slide, then all the better!
We recently went on a camping trip and put together two homeschool travel kits, one for our SunnyGirl (age 2) and one for LittleMan (age 5).
Besides the file folder games and the sight word ball, pretty much everything inside of the travel kit was purchased from Dollar Tree. All the file folder games we used were found as free printables online (links below).
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (1)
Dollar Tree shopping list:
1  reusable shopping bag to hold everything in
1  binder to hold file folder games
1  pencil pouch
1  coupon organizer, for holding nomenclature cards
1  4-pack of finger lights
1  composition notebook
1  pack of colored pencils
1  6-pack of file folders
1  plastic basket
3  tins of miniature puzzles
1  metal cookie sheet
1  2-pack of clear containers with locking lids
1  magnifying glass

Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (7)
File folder games we used includes:
Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore Sort
Animal Tracks
Money Matching
Place Value Matching
Shadow Matching

In order to keep the extra pieces neat and tidy, we taped a ziploc baggie to the back of each file folder.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (6)

Also in the binder is the composition notebook and pencil pouch of colored pencils.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (4)

The finger lights can be used as a fun pointer to keep your place while reading.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (5)

A coupon holder is handy to keep nomenclature cards organized on the go.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (3)

Because we were going camping and planned a lot of time outside, we brought the magnifying glass and clear lidded containers for collecting and observing items found in nature.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (10)

These mini puzzles came in small tins and were perfect for traveling. I merely added a small piece of magnetic tape to the back of each piece so they would stick to the cookie sheet.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (11)

I also made my own generic travel-sized versions of Candy Land and Snakes and Ladders for LittleMan’s kit.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (8)
Printed on cardstock and laminated, these games should be durable enough to survive the next few year’s worth of camping trips.
Homeschool Travel Kits, 1st Grade (9)

If your child is just a bit younger, be sure to check out our Preschool Homeschool Travel Kit for more ideas!
Homeschool Travel Kits

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