How-To Make a Beaver Dam, a child-led learning experience

Inspired by an episode of Wild Kratts in which the Kratt brothers explained the construction of a beaver dam and beaver lodge, LittleMan rounded up a couple of the neighborhood children to pretend to be beavers and make their own beaver homes!
Beaver Dam (3)
First they gathered all the large branches and piled them up, pretending to eat them before adding them to the pile. Then they gathered smaller sticks and leaves.
Beaver Dam (9)
After all the branches, sticks, and leaves were in place, they got to work digging up mud from around the yard and using it to plaster the outside.
Beaver Dam (6)
Not bad for a 100% child-led, 100% child-made dam and lodge.
Beaver Dam (5)
And all this hands-on learning, which took 4 children several hours, was inspired by this one half-hour cartoon.

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