How to Train Your Dragon Sensory Bin

LittleMan asked me to put together a fan club for his favorite book series, How to Train Your Dragon.
I designed many games and activities for the club, but I knew it was inevitable that we would have some of our members who would want a more open-ended activity.

How to Train Your Dragon Low Mess Sensory Bin (1)

A sensory bin seemed like a sensible option, since it can entertain children of varying ages. I was concerned that most sensory bins can be a bit messy, and we were renting a library room to host our fan club. So I had to make sure that the sensory bin materials were easily cleaned up and low mess.

For the bottom of the bin, I cut circles out of green felt to represent grassy hills.

On the side of the bin, some blue and green yarn in varying lengths to represent the ocean.

To add a bit of scenery, I colored clothes pegs brown to use as tree trunks and cut tree tops from leafy scrapbook paper.

Also included in the bin: pom-poms, sea shells, glass gems, and small plastic HTTYD dragon figurines.

How to Train Your Dragon Low Mess Sensory Bin (2)

The children used the glass gems and pom-poms as dragon eggs, and acted out stories of their own creation.

How to Train Your Dragon Low Mess Sensory Bin (3)


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