Interview with a Working and Homeschooling Parent #1

This is the twelfth installment in an on-going series of interviews with homeschooling parents. For more information about this series please see the page entitled “Interviews.”
Today we are hearing from working and homeschooling mom, Brenda Priddy. Brenda blogs over at Schooling A Monkey and I encourage all of you to give her a visit and say, “hi.”


 Suzy: First tell us a bit about yourself and your family.
 Brenda: I’m Brenda a second-generation homeschooler and work-at-home mother. I’ve worked at home since 2008. My husband (another second-generation homeschooler) works in finance, and we have two girls (10 and 3). My oldest loves science, so we do a lot of STEM activities on my homeschool website,
 Suzy: You are a working parent and you homeschool your children. Was there ever a time when you didn’t think it would be possible to do both or did you always know you could make it work?
 Brenda: There are so many inspiring people who work at home and homeschool, I figured if they could do it I could. So I guess I always knew it was possible.
 Suzy: Do you work from home or outside the home? Tell us about your career.
 Brenda: Right now I work fully from home because finding babysitting options is difficult since we don’t live in the same town as our parents. I primarily do copywriting for corporate websites, but I’ve also done customer service and VA work on the side for bloggers and various companies. I also run two personal blogs, (all about books) and (all about homeschooling).
 Suzy: Do you have childcare lined up for your children (a nanny or relative or their other parent, perhaps) while you are working? Or do you find a way to work with your children in tow?
 Brenda: My kids are home while I work. I do most of my work at night, early in the morning, and during naptime.
 Suzy: Do you have another person to help teach your children?
 Brenda: My husband occasionally helps out, but it’s mainly me and online tutors. 🙂
 Suzy: Do you have another person to help teach your children?
 Brenda: My husband occasionally helps out, but it’s mainly me and online tutors. 🙂
 Suzy: Do you find yourself doing homeschool lessons in the evenings or weekends? And if so, has it ever been an issue for you to teach during “non-traditional” hours?
 Brenda: Since I was homeschooled as a kid, I HATED doing school outside of normal hours. So we usually don’t.
 Suzy: Between being a parent as well as your child’s teacher, having a career, plus normal day-to-day life of social obligations and house work- your schedule must be hectic! How do you make time for yourself?
 Brenda: I tell my kids that I’m no longer available to them after bedtime (unless they are sick or injured). Most nights I watch a couple of episodes of some dumb TV show to unwind. My house is also often messy.
 Suzy: When things get tough, as everyone’s lives get tough from time to time, what keeps you going on your homeschool journey?
 Brenda: I feel like homeschooling is the right choice for our family now. I love the ability to work one-on-one with my kids and give them the special attention the need. My eldest has ADHD, and I feel like a traditional school environment would be hard for her to manage. I really love sharing my love of knowledge and learning with my kids, and I really enjoy making school projects. Homeschooling is definitely fun for me.
 Suzy: If you could say only one sentence to a new homeschooling mom, what would that sentence be?
 Brenda: Don’t freak out; there is nothing you can’t recover from in homeschooling.
Personal example: I did poorly in math in high school, but in college, although I never aced anything, I was still able to maintain a high GPA. My husband was the opposite, struggling in language arts at home, but he was able to turn it around in college and is now one of the best writers I know.

I want to thank Brenda for her time and for her insightful answers. Again, I encourage everyone to head on over to Schooling A Monkey and say, “hi.” She’s a real friendly lady, she won’t bite.

If you are a working and homeschool parent, a second generation homeschooler, or a seasoned unschooling parent who would like to be interviewed for this series then please feel free to get into contact with me.
If any of my readers have any questions that they would like to see in future interviews then please let me know in the comments.

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