As a n00b homeschooler, I had more questions than I did answers.
There are a great many resources available (an overwhelming number really) for questions about teaching methods, curriculum, learning styles, scheduling, organizing, legalities, etc.. That said, in all my many hours of reading these past 3 years, I found a startling lack of information about the emotional and spiritual well being of homeschooling parents. The benefits for children are widely touted by homeschoolers across the globe, but what is it really like to be a homeschooling mom?
That is what I set out to find when I reached out to a number of more seasoned homeschoolers to ask them about their experiences.


* To read the full interview, please click on the name of the person who was interviewed. *


Interviews with veteran homeschool moms (women who have homeschooled at least 10 years):

Interview with Marcia Wilwerding, homeschool veteran of 19 years and 4 graduated children.

Interview with Jena Borah, veteran homeschool mom of 3 graduated children.

Interview with Laurie Wilhelm, homeschool veteran of 20 years and mom of 2.

Interview with Cari Miller, homeschool veteran of 16 years and mom of 3.

Interview with Jennifer Lambert, homeschool mom and professional homeschool consultant.

Interview with Melinda S, homeschool veteran of 16 years and mom of 4.


Interviews with second generation homeschool moms (women who were homeschooled as children and now homeschool their own children):

Interview with Kari Patterson, second generation homeschool mom of two.

Interview with Bear, second generation homeschool mom of three.



Interviews with homeschool dads:

Interview with Jason Grooms, homeschool dad of 6.
Interview with Frank Maier, unschool dad of 2 graduated young women.


Interview with the Inappropriate Homeschooler
Interview with Mari Beth Buckroth, author of The Inappropriate Homeschooler and founder of the National Alliance for Secular Homeschoolers.

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