Jaime, Adam, and Blowing Things Up MythBusters Style

Like most geeks, I am a big fan of the show MythBusters. I love the way the show encourages viewers to analyze things rather than just believing something because thats what they heard. I also especially love how they blow stuff up.

While MythBusters target audience is slightly older, I find that the show is usually engaging enough to pique the interests of my kindergartner, and what could be better than getting children interested in science as well as learning to scrutinize information they are provided from less than reliable sources.

I knew I wanted to find a myth that even my small children could bust on their own but I couldn’t figure out what sort of myth to present them with. Luckily a myth was provided to us through our day-to-day interactions in life.
LittleMan was explaining to SunnyGirl how magnets work (and specifically why her magnetic letters wouldn’t stick to wooden furniture) when he turned to me and asked, “all metals are magnetic, aren’t they?”

Hmm, are all metals magnetic?

Well, lets find out!
Armed with their large magnets we set off exploring the house and searching for a metal that was not magnetic.
MythBusters for Kids2
We found that most of the metals in the house were indeed magnetic.
MythBusters for Kids
Though there were some exceptions to the rule, such as coins and a pair of cosplay dog tags.
MythBusters for Kids3
So I guess you could say, MYTH BUSTED.


This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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