Kinetic Sand Bricks and Discount Code for an Awesome Book

A few months ago my children were given some kinetic sand for their birthdays. The texture of this stuff was fantastic, it was just like sand except it held shape and it was far easier to clean up. I immediately fell in love with kinetic sand, but still had no idea how to play with it.

So when I had the opportunity to read a book titled “35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids” (by Dyan Robson) I was excited.

kinetic sand book 

All of the activities in the book are super easy, low prep. They require at most two or three materials to do, most of us with kids probably already have these materials around the house. Besides being a fantastic sensory experience to play with the kinetic sand, many of the activities are excellent fine motor exercise. Also, several of the activities are fun hands on learning for early literacy and basic math concepts.

My children’s favorite activity from the book so far has been building with kinetic sand bricks.

To make sand bricks all you need is some kinetic sand, either store bought or homemade, and a standard ice cube tray.

Kinetic Sand Bricks (1)

Press the sand into the tray.

Kinetic Sand Bricks (2)

Turn it over and the bricks fall right out.

Kinetic Sand Bricks (3)

You can build them to make whatever you like. Such as this castle tower.

Kinetic Sand Bricks (4)

My children eventually got the idea in their heads to raid my special shaped ice cube tray stash. These made for some rather interesting shaped bricks.

Kinetic Sand Bricks (5)

Now for the awesome part:
Special to my readers only, for the next week you can get $3 off the cost of the ebook version of 35 Awesome Kinetic Sand Activities for Kids

Just use the code: suzyfans at check-out
Remember this discount code is only valid until July 6th so act fast!

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