Kirby, Lee, and the Comic Industry

As I’ve stated before, we are pretty big fans of Jack Kirby around here. I know most people love Stan Lee and while they did work together, I just really believe that Kirby hasn’t gotten the public appreciation he deserves. Lee may have been the idea guy but Kirby was the artist. The two of them together created most of the characters we know and love today- Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and dozens of others can all be accredited to the dynamic duo of Kirby and Lee.

Free Printable Marvel Comic Early Readers from Suzy Homeschooler

One of the great things about comic books, besides being a beautiful art form, is that they encourage reading. LittleMan first sparked an interest in reading on his own not because of the many, many books we had around the house, nor because of our daily read-aloud time. No, he was content to be read to and never learn to read independently. That was, until he found comic books.

The path of learning to read is rarely easy for a child but with comic books as his motivator, LittleMan has made leaps and bounds towards his goal.

I couldn’t be happier. My husband and I both being comic book readers ourselves, which gives us something extra to bond with LittleMan over. And I just love that LittleMan is interested in storylines about heroes and villains, good vs evil. The characters he reads about have qualities I hope for him to develop in his lifetime: bravery, pride, a strong moral compass. Sure they aren’t perfect, everyone has flaws. But when a super hero makes a mistake you can bet he isn’t going to roll over and give up!

It is my hope that LittleMan will read these stories and be inspired to do good things in his life.
But before any child can read a real comic book by themselves, they have to learn how to read basic words and small sentences. Enter early readers.

LittleMan didn’t quite understand how Dick and Jane or BOB books were going to help him achieve his personal goal of reading comics. So over the months I’ve made him several small early readers featuring the Marvel characters he knows and loves.

Today I’m offering a few of the early readers that I’ve made for LittleMan. If you guys like them and want more, let me know. I can release a larger printable at a later date if there is a high enough demand for it.
For now though you can get 12 basic reader cards for individual use or to make into a booklet by clicking the following link:
Marvel Early Reader


This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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