Kitty Litter Sensory Bin Filler

I am joining up with a great group of bloggers today to bring you 40 days of sensory bin fillers. Each of us is discussing one filler everyday for 40 days straight, you can get links to all the posts in the series over at Little Bins for Little Hands.
Kitty Litter Sensory Bin Filler (and free printable) from Suzy Homeschooler
A while back, I made a sensory bin for LittleMan using clean cat litter and fake cat poop. He thought this bin was just the greatest thing since sliced bread and he found it very amusing to play with.
Clean kitty litter is an excellent sensory bin filler as it has a texture unlike any other, it is cheap, and it is reusable. Obviously, as always, use your common sense when giving your child a sensory bin to play with. Avoid kitty litter if your child is still putting things in their mouth, or if you believe it might confuse them and lead them to play with the dirty litter in the cat box.


I recently decided to use cat litter as a filler again in a sensory bin but this time I tried to make it less about bathroom humor, a little more educational.
Kitty Litter Sensory Bin1
I started out with our Safari Ltd Big Cats TOOB. As I’ve mentioned before, I am not compensated by Safari LTD, I don’t work for them. I know I mention their products a lot and that is purely because I am such a big fan, they make real quality stuff. This Big Cats TOOB was no exception, excellent detailing and well crafted miniatures.


I made a set of nomenclature cards to go with the Big Cats TOOB figures.
Kitty Litter Sensory Bin3
Even though the cards were made to go with the Big Cats TOOB, they would still work wonderfully by themselves.
Kitty Litter Sensory Bin2
If you would like to download your free copy of the card set, you may do so by clicking the following link:
Free Printable Big Cat Cards


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