Little Leafers Autumn Class Reviews and Testimonials

Considering Little Leafers Autumn Nature Study but still on the fence about trying it?
Check out what other’s are saying about it below!

Little Leafers Autumn Nature Study Class Reviews and Testimonials

Danielle, mom to L, H, and O says, “L and H really enjoyed the Little Leafers Autumn Class. They loved being able to freely explore their environment and play with the other children attending the class. The lesson plans were well thought out and the kids were engaged in the subject matter being presented each week.”

Krystal, mom to P and B says, “My girls loved the class; regardless of rain or shine, P was excited to go to class. We kept the schedule on the fridge of what we were learning about each week, so she would always ask me what was coming up next. Based on what we were learning each week, we would check out resources on that topic at the library to go along with the class. They both especially love the journals! To be honest, if there was one thing I could request it would be to let them take the journals home in between classes because P loved going through it and it would allow us to investigate the topic further at home with the materials. (But I also understand why the journals are kept with the teacher.) There just wasn’t enough time to go through them at class since after circle time P was ready to go play in the yard and explore!”


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