Button Snake Felt Craft

As part of our Little Leafers Autumn Nature Study Class, I like to make a craft available each week.

Week two’s theme was snakes.

Little Leafers Nature Study Autumn Session, snake week, from Suzy Homeschooler (5)

Button Snake Felt Craft


  • felt
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • buttons, one per student
  • needle and thread
  • Sharpie markers


  • Cut one felt snake head shape per student.
  • Cut a length of ribbon 7-10 inches long, one length of ribbon per student.
  • Sew the felt snake head onto one end of the ribbon.
  • Sew the button onto the other end of the ribbon.
  • Cut out squares of felt, approximately 2 inches in diameter.
  • Cut a slit the size of the button into each square of felt.
  • Draw a facial features onto the felt snake head with Sharpie markers.
  • Slide the button through the slit in various felt squares, create a pattern if desired.

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