Little Leafers Summer Class Reviews and Testimonials

Considering Little Leafers Summer Nature Study but still on the fence about trying it?
Check out what other’s are saying about it below!

Little Leafers Summer Nature Study Reviews and Testimonials

Valerie, mom to A and E says, “We all loved the class. I appreciated your organization and the girls loved having their own materials. It was awesome that you make sure our older daughter had age-appropriate tools as well. It was difficult for us to make each class. Summer just got too crazy. I liked that there was at least one or two planned activities and then open ended stations. It was a good mix for both of our girls and also allowed us to take as much time as we needed.”

Becky, mom to J, S, S, and M says, “I thought you did a great job, no criticism here. J suggested nature walks. S would like to play with your cool stuff the whole time.”

Diane, mom to A, E, and M says, “Our family really enjoyed the Little Leafers class. We liked the binders you provided. I especially liked the variety of activities you provided — there was always something for both my preschooler and my almost middle-schooler to engage with and learn from. The kids’ favorite part was the take-home items, especially the worm farm. The only suggestion I have is to not cut your initial presentation/instruction time short just because it seems like the kids aren’t listening. I know it can be hard to continue talking when it seems like no one is paying attention, but they are hearing and absorbing the information even when it looks like they aren’t. Maybe make that part of the class more interactive — maybe have things to pass around or have them play an educational but interactive game together — so you can get across the information you want before their attention wanders too much.”


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