Little Man’s Toy Review: Minimates Best of Wave 3 including Hulk and Iron Man


I am Suzy’s husband here today with the first of what will hopefully be many future guest posts. Little Man would like to present you his latest episode of Little Man’s Minimate and Toy Review. Further information about this item will follow the video.

Little Man had a great time opening up the package of Minimates and exploring what extra parts were included that would allow him to customize the figures. Minimates are a customize able 2 inch tall figure that is sold in many different licenses. One of their biggest products and Little Man’s favorite is the Marvel line. They also sell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Halo, Mass Effect, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, DC, Star Trek, Ghostbuster, Back to the Future, Thundercats and many more lines of mini figures.

Today Little Man did a review of one of the 2 packs from the Marvel Line, specifically the Best of Series Wave 3. This two pack features the Grey Hulk and Iron Man.


These figures can be taken apart and put back together.  All pieces that are included on one Minimate can be attached or used on another Minimate. These figures not only allow for pretend play where Little Man acts out scenes featuring the Hulk and Iron Man but it sparks his creativity by taking them apart and mixing them up  with other figures he already has to make new creations.

Many of the figures will come with additional pieces that can extend the play and the fun.  This particular set includes a fire flight stand that can be used to make it appear that one of them is flying with fire blasting beneath them.  The set also includes the pieces to allow one to take this figure:

and transform him into:

These figures give Little Man hours of fun and it’s something that him and I can bond over as I collect them as well. These figures were actually intended for me and are currently on display on one of my shelves. I would recommend these figures for someone 4 or older. That is of course all dependent on your child, some might not be able to handle them until they are 5 or 6 and some may be ok at 3. It is dependent on the child’s fine motor skills and whether or not they still mouth their toys.

Click here to see this amazing product Best of Wave Series 3: Transforming Grey Hulk & MK29 Armor Iron Man. For those children that are a bit too young for Minimates, I would recommend a product called Super Hero Squad. You can find a good example here. Minimates are intended for all ages but some older boys may be more interested in a product line called Marvel Legends. A good example can be found here.

I will end this with a few pictures of different Minimate lines that I enjoy.


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