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My name is Caitlyn, but you can call me Suzy.

I started this blog in February 2013 to connect with others, share ideas, and document our journey as a homeschooling family. There have been many homeschool bloggers who have inspired me along the way, just as I hope to inspire others who visit my site.

I identify as an introvert but I pride myself on being open and honest with my readers.

Some personal fun facts about me, I love animals of all shapes and sizes. I’ve worked as both a pet groomer and dog trainer, volunteered countless hours with the United States Humane Society, and at one point of my life I went to school to study veterinary technology.
The people who know me best would describe me as being crafty, frugal, creative, and a fun mom.

My husband, Marmaduke, and I have an unconventional, mostly happy marriage. We share passions for table-top games, fantasy books, sci-fi movies, tattoos, and raising our own well-rounded geeklings.

LittleMan, born February 2009, is a massive comic book geek. He takes full advantage of the freedom that comes from homeschooling, which means many days he studies while hanging upside down in his chair. But thats ok because he’s working at his own pace and following his passion for STEM subjects.

SunnyGirl, born February 2012, is excited to start having daily lessons like her big brother. She is still figuring out what she is most interested in but so far art and literature are where she excels.

We are owned by a number of pets.

Our cat of 9 years, Eclipse.

Our Russian Tortoise, Speedy.

Our veiled chameleon, A Toothless.

Our darkling beetle, Strax.

A colony of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.

And our puppy, Newton.

Our family loves to see the world and hates staying put in any one place for too long. As a former Army family, we’ve lived in Colorado, England, and Oklahoma while my husband served. Most moves took months upon months to plan and prep, however we have once experienced emergency relocation (and hope to never go through that again!) Some of our homes have been in tiny apartments with only a concrete patio, while others have been in houses with large backyards, but no matter where we live, we make a point of getting outside everyday. Our sense of adventure can not be suppressed.

Currently we are located in Lansing, Michigan, but I’ve got big dreams for the future. It is my desire to purchase a retired school bus and convert it into a mobile home so that the children and I can spend a year or so living on the road.

If you’re looking for activities, lesson plans, or other homeschooling stuff, check under the Homeschooling tab in the main menu where you’ll find everything divided by school subject. All of my Free Printables can also be found through the main menu. For products I love and recommend, check out my Amazon store. This site does use affiliate links, for more information on that please see my disclosure policy.

If you’d like to contact me you can do so via email:
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5 Comments to Meet the Homeschoolers

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love you comment of why you started. I just ran around yesterday telling people that I was now an official homeschooler. I had notified the district so now it was no longer just me dabbling in homeschooling with my young ones but OFFICIALLY doing it. Love what I’ve read so far. You are awesome.

  2. Hi Suzy,

    Thanks for including ThinkFun’s Robot Turtles in your ABC’s of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings: We appreciate the shout out and will share with fans. Stay in touch!

    Playfully yours,

  3. Kelly Wade says:

    Hi Suzy, I’m working on a castle STEM project and I love your “Parts of a Castle” card set. I’d like permission to use them in my powerpoint. I will be putting my project on TeachersPayTeachers.

    • suzyhomeschooler says:

      Just be sure to include a note in your presentation crediting your source. Thank you for asking.

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