Mini Color Sensory Boxes

Mini Color Sensory Boxes from Suzy Homeschooler (1)
This is a project that I’ve had in mind for quite some time but it has been difficult to find just the right containers to do it in. First I tried cardboard boxes covered in construction paper. Too much work, not durable enough. Then I tried bowls with animal lids which I found in the infant aisle at Dollar Tree, however the lids came off easily and I would have preferred a more uniformed look.
Finally I found these sandwich containers at Micheal’s and they were *EXACTLY* what I had been looking for. Bonus, they were on sale. Normally $2 each, I picked up these 6 containers at 40 cents a piece!
The rest of the project was mostly bits and bobs I already had around my house. Meaning that I made these 6 color boxes for under $3. A drastic price difference from some of the store bought options which I’ve seen for as high as $50.

Mini Color Sensory Boxes from Suzy Homeschooler (2)

The contents of each color box is just a little bit different from the others however most of them contain: dyed rice, pom poms, koosh balls, pipe cleaners, foam letters which spell the name of the color, wooden beads, plastic beads, glass gems, various textures of fabric scraps, ribbons, foil shred, paper shred, tissue paper, small toy animals, small toy cars, crayons, old marker caps, wooden peg dolls, small cups, plastic spoons, clothes pegs, legos, etc..

Being that they are small, they are easy to store when not in use and (with the exception of the dyed rice that can get messy) they are great for traveling.

These were made specifically for SunnyGirl however the older two children seem to enjoy them just as much she does. All three children have asked to play with them daily for the past week.




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2 Comments to Mini Color Sensory Boxes

  1. Sammie says:

    LOVE these!! Does Michaels carry these sandwich containers year round or was this during a back to school sale?? Can’t seem to find them online anywhere, either!

    Thanks so much for your help!!

    • suzyhomeschooler says:

      I’m not 100% but unfortunately I believe they were there as a seasonal “back to school” item as I haven’t seen them in my local Micheal’s for many months now.

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