Montessori-Inspired Star Wars Weight Cylinders

If you haven’t already seen them at your local shop, there is this uber cool line of Star Wars Easter eggs out there. We picked some up last year and have used them in various ways such as sensory play and muffin tin snacks. This time I took 8 Vader containers and made them into a set of Montessori-inspired weight cylinders.
Montessori-inspired Star Wars weight cylinders, Suzy Homeschooler2
The process was really very simple. I just needed the containers, something to fill them with (I used glass gems), some glue, some sticker dots, and a Sharpie marker.
Montessori-inspired Star Wars weight cylinders, Suzy Homeschooler
I left two of the containers empty and glue them shut. Then I glued 5 glass gems into the next two and glued them shut. The third set had 10 glass gems and the fourth set had 15 glass gems. Most people would recommend having a scale handy to weigh each set and make sure they weigh the same. As I did not have a scale handy, I had to use my best judgement. Generally speaking though, you want each set of two to weigh the same and you want the sets to differ enough in weight from each other that your child can tell the difference. All the gems should be glued down in place inside of the containers to prevent any shaking noise when moved around, and all the containers should be sealed shut with glue.

Once the glue was dry I added sticker dots to the bottom of each. Each set of two has the same number written on it, but one sticker is red while the other is blue.
Montessori-inspired Star Wars weight cylinders, Suzy Homeschooler3
The idea is that your child should lift the containers to feel their weight and be able to tell that two labelled 3 are a set. The numbers and colors on the bottom are simply for self correction.




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  1. what a neat idea. I have never heard of these weight sets but we did similar things with weights. Love that these are Star Wars 🙂

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