Motor Activities Using Pom Poms

Time for another installment of our toddler series. This week, Kristan, of Munchkin and Bean, and I are talking about pom poms.
Motor Activities Using PomPoms
First up we have a gross motor pom pom activity for you. All you need to complete this activity is a bag of pom poms and a bucket. Both can be purchased at Dollar Tree for $1 each if you don’t already have them on hand.
Motor Activities with PomPoms (1)
Just scatter the pom poms out on the ground and set the bucket near them. Then encourage your toddler to use their feet to pick up the pom poms and drop them into the bucket without using their hands.
Motor Activities with PomPoms (2)
For a simple fine motor activity we used pom poms, dry beans, a bowl, a plate, tweezers, and a tray to hold it all. Again, all of these supplies can be purchased at Dollar Tree if you don’t have them on hand.
Motor Activities with PomPoms (4)
Bury the pom poms at the bottom of the bowl and cover them with beans. Have your tot dig the pom poms out and transfer them to the plate using only the tweezers.
Motor Activities with PomPoms (5)
Be sure to check out Munchkin and Bean to see their awesome idea for pom pom sensory play!
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