Multiply by 5’s with Apple Blossoms

Flowers are great for teaching mathematics. Depending on the type of flower, you can talk about symmetry or sums. All apple blossoms have 5 petals, which make them great for talking about multiplication by 5’s.

Apple Blossom Hands-On Math Craft (2) 

For this activity you only need my Free Printable Apple Blossom Hands-On Multiplication Activity Pack (click here to download), a pair of scissors, and some double sided tape.

Start out by having your children cut out the apple blossoms, which is great fine motor practice.

Apple Blossom Hands-On Math Craft (3)

Talk them through each math problem. Explain why 5 x 1 is 5 and 5 x 2 is 10, using the images available.

Finally have them add the apple blossoms to the empty tree and continue to discuss multiplication by 5’s as they do so.

Apple Blossom Hands-On Math Craft (1)


For the complete list of my free printables, click here.

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