Night Monkey Day Monkey Sensory Bin

We love activities to go with the books we read.
Especially easy activities.
The easiest way I know of to bring a book to life is a themed sensory bin.

Night Monkey Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson is a book about two monkeys (one nocturnal the other diurnal), who wake each other up to play and then find themselves amazed at the differences between night and day.

Night Monkey Day Monkey Sensory Bin from Suzy Homeschooler
I had my doubts when I put this bin together but LittleMan declared it “cool.”

The bottom of the bin is lined with two sheets of blue paper: one light, one dark. There is also a scattering of light blue and dark blue felt scraps. Foam letters spell out “NIGHT,” “DAY,” and “MONKEY.”
I tried to include small props for acting out the story in the book: monkeys, bats, frogs, butterflies, bananas.
Admittedly, the bananas are Runts candy. I took great amusement in the fact that my children played with this bin for 20 minutes not knowing that the bananas were candy until I picked one up and ate it in front of them.

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2 Comments to Night Monkey Day Monkey Sensory Bin

    • Don’t tempt me, jk/lol
      I have an open door policy with the neighbor’s children and sometimes they are over here so much that I feel as if I’ve adopted them without realizing it- and thats not a complaint!
      We like having fun and I believe fun is one of those “the more, the merrier” things. 🙂

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