On Beyond Zombie, How-To Geekify Any Picture Book

When I first hosted the ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings in March of 2014, I felt saddened at the end of the series. I had written about 26 different topics of geeky interest but that was barely even the tip of the iceburg! I knew I wanted to continue to talk about geeky parenting and so I created the On Beyond Zombie series, a weekly linky party dedicated to all things geek-parenting related.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie 

The phrase “On Beyond Zombie” was a play off of the popular Dr Seuss book, On Beyond Zebra!
Today I’m going to show you how you can take any book and make it into a fun, geeky parody of its former self.

Now while you can do this with any picture book, I recommend using Dr Seuss books as most of them are already almost sci-fi in their illustrations and descriptions.

Besides your book, you’ll also need tracing paper (I just used some thin copy paper), a pen or pencil, a scanner, printer, ink, cardstock paper, colored pencils, internet connection, and your own creativity.

Start by reading the book and deciding which words/phrases you’ll want to replace with your own. Lay your tracing paper down over the words/phrases you want to replace and circle around them. This tells you how much space you have to fit your new words/phrases so when tracing, be cautious not to go too wide and or you will cut into other parts of the page.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie, the book (1)

Keep track of what you want typed into each circle by writing it next to the circle on the page.

Once you’ve gone through the entire book, tracing a circle around every word/phrase you want replaced and writing out the new words/phrases next to the circle, then you’re ready to scan the paper onto your internet-connected computer. Be cautious not to change the size while working with the scanned image, otherwise what you print out later on might not fit your book.

Upload the scanned image to Pic Monkey and use the various fonts to type out the new words/phrases and adjust their size so that they fit into the circle. Pic Monkey is a free online picture editor and it has a variety of fonts so it should be fairly easy to match the text of your book.

Save the new image to your computer and print it out on cardstock paper. If you print it out on paper that is too thin, then you run the risk that the old text/images will show through.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie, the book (3)

Cut out your new text, making sure to cut just inside of the circle you drew earlier.

Use a glue stick to adhere the new words/phrases over the old ones.

Embellish the pictures by drawing in geeky details with colored pencils. Or, if you’re not comfortable with your art work, print out some clip art images or use stickers. Add a TARDIS or a 20-sided die or a Quidditch pitch- make the images relate to the new text.

For example, this page talked of Columbus.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie, the book (2)

I simply changed Columbus to Frodo, fixed up another line so that it rhymed, and then drew the tower of Sauron into the picture with some colored pencils.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie, the book (6)

Some pages you may change quite a bit. Whole paragraphs, in fact.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie, the book (5)

Other pages you may only change one or two words.

Either way is fine. It isn’t about how much you change, its about expressing your own unique creativity and creating a mash-up that you allows you to share your fandoms with your children.

Z is for On Beyond Zombie, the book (4)

This post has been part of The ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings series.

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2 Comments to On Beyond Zombie, How-To Geekify Any Picture Book

  1. Ah, I love this! Such a cool idea. And your blog is my new favorite…I love finding fellow geek parents!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Ha! What a fun idea! I would hate to do that to any of my Dr. Suess books (pets Dr. Seuss books fondly), but I can think of a few other picture books that would make this really easy and fun! Now, how to sneak it all by my mom…
    Thanks for sharing!

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