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Have you heard the news? LEGO has announced a Doctor Who set. Pretty fantastic, huh?

On Beyond Zombie LEGO ideas doctor who

And that fully awesome female scientists set?  We were all so excited when it was first released, but then the stores all sold out and LEGO didn’t have anymore because it was a “limited time offer.”Well, people were obviously upset about that but apparently LEGO listened. No more fighting to outbid other people on ebay for an overpriced female scientists set, we can now buy directly from LEGO on Amazon and there are plenty to go around for a reasonable price.

On Beyond Zombie LEGO female scientists

Have you ever wondered how LEGO gets these amazing ideas? Turns out it is people like you and me. Regular joes who love LEGO submit ideas to their LEGO Ideas webpage.

On Beyond Zombie LEGO ideas

They have a video clip they made to explain the process.

But I went ahead and did a little digging to find out, whats the best way to get your LEGO Idea the necessary 10,000 supporters?

– Make sure your idea is unique. It will be harder to garner support for something if there are already 12 similar ideas out there.

– Take your time building a high quality prototype of your idea. This is not something you’ll be able to pull off quickly or with little thought. Expect to run to the LEGO store for some special pieces.

– Get several good quality shots of your idea. All the basic photography ideas apply: use a plain colored background which contrasts with the object you are photographing (a bed sheet or poster board work well), take the picture outside or near a window with lots of good natural lighting, use a high quality camera if you have access to one (your camera phone will work in a pinch).

– Rally your family and friends. Let people know you need their support. Every vote counts so get the word of mouth going.

– Campaign with others who share your love of LEGOs. Are you on a LEGO builders forum or Facebook group? Tell them your idea and where they can go to support you. Be willing to support others ideas as well.



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Continuing on with our LEGO theme, The Art Curator for Kids shared a fun idea for making LEGO Mosaic Art.

We were also happy to have Brain Power Boy share another post in their series on their Homeschool Unit Study in Coding. Brain Power Boy has a number of posts on coding and is an excellent resource for those interest in learning (or teaching their children) to do so.

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