10 DIY Lightsaber Tutorials

10 DIY Lightsaber TutorialsHalloween is quickly approaching, and nothing is cooler than a homemade costume. For those who planning to dress as jedi or sith, you’ll need a proper lightsaber at your side. For 10 wonderful lightsaber tutorials, keep reading.

But first, we had some fantastic posts linked up at last week’s On Beyond Zombie Linky Party. Here were my top three favorites, in no particular order:
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Now, on to the tutorials!

First up we have the classic pool noodle lightsaber. This is a popular option and I’ve made more than a few for my own children. Kids Activities Blog actually found a way to make pool noodle lightsabers glow! Get the tutorial: pool noodle lightsaber (here)

If you’ve got a few empty bubble wands sitting around then there are a couple options for how you can make that into a lightsaber. The first is an tutorial posted on Instructables by user aspie. This one takes a bit of effort and basic household tools but the end result is pretty cool. Get the tutorial: lightsaber with interchangable blades (here)
If however you are looking for something a bit easier, maybe something the children can make on their own without a lot of help, then No Time for Flash Cards has you covered. Get the tutorial: super simple bubble wand lightsaber (here)

I love duct tape and duct tape crafts are something I’m always on the look out for. This duct tape lightsaber tutorial was created by Instructables user jillhohn. Get the tutorial: duct tape lightsaber (here)

Another popular DIY version involves an inexpensive PVC pipe. Instructables user Under_miner has a great tutorial with very clear pictures and instructions. Get the tutorial: PVC lightsaber (here)

If you are in a jam and looking for something super quick, super easy, and something that you probably already have the supplies for on hand, then Happiness is Homemade has a brilliant idea for a paper lightsaber. This isn’t exactly a written tutorial but you can tell very clearly from the pictures how the lightsabers were made. Get the how-to: paper lightsabers (here)

Another unique material to make a lightsaber out of is Knex! Instructables user, The Sensei, has a fun tutorial for this! Get the tutorial: Knex lightsaber (here)

Now these next couple options aren’t so much for children, but rather for their companions. Mini diy lightsabers that are perfect for teddybears and action figures!
Play Trains has a tutorial for a mini lightsaber that really lights up (and is so easy to make that a child could do it). Get the tutorial: Mini Lightsaber (here)
The other option for mini lightsabers is brought to us by Frugal Fun 4 Boys, who has a knack for putting together some fantastic tutorials for Rainbow Loom! Get the tutorial: Rainbow Loom Mini Lightsaber (here)

And finally, our last lightsaber option is not for the faint of heart. It is by far our most expensive DIY at a whooping $33 for supplies. Perhaps this might make for a fun homeschool project or even a gift that your child could make for a friend. We credit this tutorial to cjanson on Instructables. Get the tutorial: Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes (here)

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