Pangaea Travel Brochure

LittleMan and I were reading one of his many dinosaur books when he noticed a map at the top corner of the page, a map of Pangaea.

Intrigued by the idea that the seven continents of the world all used to be one large super continent, LittleMan began to describe a story. He told of how he used the Wild Kratts’ time travel trampoline to jump back in time and see Pangaea for himself. I suggested that a lot of people might want to travel Pangaea as well, and that we could make travel brochures to advertise a tourist trip.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (1)

For this project we used construction paper, crayons, a map of Pangaea, and our imaginations.

First we folded the construction paper into thirds.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (2)

We wrote our destination on the front  of the brochure.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (3)

On the inside cover we attempted to re-create the map we saw in the book.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (4)

On the back we drew what we imaged the scenery on Pangaea might have looked like, kind of swampy with lots of trees. (Which may have been true for the coast lines, however most of Pangaea was actually more of a desert environment. Hot and dry.)

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (5)

Inside the brochure we listed (by picture) the various forms of wildlife that lived during the time of Pangaea, such as dinosaurs like Demitrodon and Edaphosaurus as well as early insects and amphibians.

On Beyond Zombie Pangaea Travel Brochure (6)

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