Time Vortex in a Jar

I’ve written before about how any activity could be made into a Doctor Who activity, if only a little creativity is applied. A few extra moments of thought, barely any extra effort, can take a normal homeschool lesson and turn it into something a little Whovian would love. Today I’m going to expand on that idea by sharing the exact same activity I shared last week, Make a Vortex in a Jar, only this time I’m going to show you how easy it is to make it into a DW themed activity.
How To Make a Time Vortex (1)
Just like last time, you’ll still need a clear jar or bottle with a lid, water, glitter, and dish soap. This time you’ll also want some blue food dye, super glue, Sharpie marker, and blue craft foam.

Pour your water into your jar, add a couple drops of dish soap, a couple tea spoons of glitter, a couple drops of blue food dye and mix well.

Cut several small rectangles from the blue craft foam, use super glue (make sure its water proof) to glue those rectangles together and use a Sharpie marker to draw the TARDIS details onto each side.
How To Make a Time Vortex (2)
Throw your make-shift TARDIS into the jar, secure the lid on top of the jar, and spin it. (If you’re not sure how to spin it, there is a video demonstration in the original, non-DW post).

Again, it was hard for me to get pictures of it in action, blame my poor photography skills or my cheap camera, but in person, this was beautiful to watch. The yellow glitter against the blue background, swirling about, the occasional glimpse of the TARDIS as it went whizzing by the side of the jar. I highly recommend this activity, it was easy, fun, and beautiful to watch.

How To Make a Time Vortex (3)
And just like with other Vortex in a Jar activity, there is still the science aspect of it. Still the perfect opportunity to discuss centrifugal force and how the vortex is created when the jar is spun and the children can see first hand what a vortex actually is. It is fun and it is hands on.

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  1. Cindy Ingram says:

    Thanks for featuring my post! We’re a super-geeky family, but I don’t post a lot of geeky things. I’ll have to think about how to merge our geek with my art posts for future link-ups. 🙂

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