Brain Study with Pumpkins

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am always on the look out for new ways to play and learn with pumpkins. We have been interested in the brain quite a bit lately, and have especially enjoyed making brain hats. It occurred the me the other day that brain hats we’ve been making, if slightly altered, could be used as a pumpkin carving template. Once I made this realization, the rest was too easy.
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In order to carve my pumpkin brain I needed all the typical tools included in a basic, inexpensive pumpkin carving kit as well as a potato peeler, scissors, tape, and the free printable brain hat from Ellen McHenry.


I started off by deciding which side the pumpkin would rest on. Since I didn’t want the stem in the way of the brain carving, I turned the pumpkin on its side. Once I knew which side would be the bottom, I knew where to cut the hole so I could gut the pumpkin.
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After the pumpkin was gutted, I cut out the brain template and snipped along the solid lines as if I was going to make a brain hat with it. Then I pressed the template to the pumpkin and taped it into place, occasionally manipulating the paper so it would lay as flat as possible.
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There is a bit more of a gap between the two hemispheres than would be ideal, but besides that it turned out pretty well.
I then used my awl (which is the tool that looks like a nail with a handle) to poke holes through the paper along the lines that I wanted cut.
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Once I had the entire template dotted out, I used my small saw to cut out the dotted lines.
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Be careful not to cut all the way through the pumpkin!
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Once the entire design had been cut, I then used my potato peeler to take the orange rind off the pumpkin only where I carved out the brain.
On Beyond Zombie, Brain Study with Pumpkins (7)
At this point the brain part was done but just for fun I carved eyes and a mouth around the stem nose.
On Beyond Zombie, Brain Study with Pumpkins (8)
Now at this point the actual carving is all done and it is a pretty respectable looking jack-o-lantern.
I then used masking tape, toothpicks, and Sharpie markers to make little flags labelled with the different parts of the brain.
On Beyond Zombie, Brain Study with Pumpkins (9)
I made two flags for each brain part, I mapped out one hemisphere with the flags, then I invited LittleMan to map out the other hemisphere using the one I completed as a model. Through this activity we found ourselves talking about what the various parts of the brain do, how our skull protects our brains, and the symmetry of the brain.
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4 Comments to Brain Study with Pumpkins

  1. Christy M says:

    This is brilliant! I hope my kids like it too.

  2. Skye says:

    So zombies want to eat pumpkin brains now…?

  3. Sheila says:

    This is a really cool project. I am sure there are a lot of kids who are going to just love it.

  4. annabelt says:

    I love it! Creepy, educational and funny all at the same time 🙂

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