Our New Nature Table

Yesterday I spoke about the influence of Montessori in our home but I left out one of the most treasured gems we have:
our recently added nature table.

Now, I’ve seen some pretty amazing nature tables online. Ours is…not that extravagant. Nor that beautiful.
Its ours and we love it!


Keep in mind, we literally just assembled it this week. This is our very first nature table. There is much room for growth and improvement.

So far we have collected from our neighborhood pine cones, pine needles, acorns, tree bark, sticks, and little spikey balls that I still have to look up the proper name for. We also purchased some sea shells and smooth stones as we don’t live near a beach so we were unable to collect those outside.
We sorted everything into a wooden box with dividers and a glass lid, and left a magnifying glass near by for further inspection.


I think since its spring that we should probably add a small glass vase for all the dandelions that LittleMan will inevitably pick. Perhaps even a small terrarium might be nice. There is plenty of room on the table for both of those as well as maybe a a little bowl or two. I’m on the look out now for a mirror that we can place on the wall behind the table.

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4 Comments to Our New Nature Table

  1. andrea says:

    Can you please tell me where you got that box. Ive been searching for one just like it…found a similar one on line, very inexpensive…but that’s it. one. Please let me know. Love your site.

    • This box was purchased from Hobby Lobby but I’ve seen similar at JoAnn Fabric Shop and Micheals Craft Supply. Look in the woodworking section of any of these stores, next to the plain wooden bird houses and jewelry boxes. Most of the time they come pre-sanded so you can just buy it and paint it. I liked the natural look so I left it as is.
      I believe the original price was $10 but I bought it during a 50% off sale.
      Happy Shopping!

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is awesome. We’re going on a nature walk tomorrow, so I am going to pick stuff up for this! I’m sure you already found this, but your spiky balls are the seed pods of a Sweet Gum tree. 🙂

    • Happy Hunting tomorrow! Be aware though, it can get kind of addictive. Our nature table collection has easily tripled since I posted this. We’ve had to add a vase and a bowl just to hold everything!

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