Outdoor Abacus

Last year we installed a large abacus between two trees using pool noodles and, while useful, it was a bit too far from the hot-spots in the yard. So this year we’ve installed a smaller abacus nearer to the mud kitchen area.

Abacus (1)

Supplies needed are two pieces of PVC pipe (both approximately 2 feet long), a rubber mallet, some wire, red and blue pony beads, red and blue duct tape.

First thing we used the mallet to drive the PVC pipes into the ground about 15 inches away from each other.

Then we twisted the wire around one of the pipes, and threaded on the wire 5 red pony beads followed by 5 blue pony beads.

Abacus (2)

We attached the other end of the wire to the other PVC pipe, attempting to keep the wire taunt as we did so.

Abacus (3)

Repeat this step four more times so there are five wires and a total of 50 beads

Secure the wire to the PVC pipe with duct tape.

Abacus (4)


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