Outdoor Magnetic Board

One of the main staples of most any classroom is the board.
A chalk board. A dry erase board. There always seems to be some sort of board.
Teachers diagram concepts for their pupils. Students practice their sight words and solve large math problems.
All at the board.

Outdoor Magnetic Board (1)

Our outdoor classroom is no different.

Using an auto oil drip pan, two fence posts, two pieces of scrap 2×4, and some duct tape we constructed this outdoor magnetic board.

To build it is fairly simple.
Drive one fence post into the ground with a mallet.
Position the rim of the oil drip pan into the groove of fence post.

Outdoor Magnetic Board (4)

Line up the second fence post so that the other end of the oil drip pan is also positioned within the groove, then drive the second fence post into the ground as well.

Cut two lengths of 2×4 to the same height (I used 1 foot lengths), then wedge these pieces under the oil drip pan on either side.

Outdoor Magnetic Board (3)

Run strips of duct tape along the edges both vertically and horizontally to secure the fence posts, wood pieces, and oil drip pan together.

Keep alphabet magnets, magnetic math manipulatives, magnetic word work, and even dry erase markers near by in an easy to open yet weather proof container.

Outdoor Magnetic Board (2)

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