Outdoor Music Station

Kids are noisy. Kids love being noisy. And outside is a great place for them to be as noisy as they want.

Which is why, for three years now, I have dedicated a portion of our outdoor area to having a music station.
It started off as a miniature music wall on our apartment patio, then a larger music wall in our backyard. Now we have expanded it even further.

Outdoor Music Station (1)

Our music wall its self was made it by screwing various metal objects to a wooden pallet which we found for free in a scrap pile. We used old pieces that were rescued from a broken xylophone. We also used some jello molds we purchased for $0.50 each at Goodwill, and an old muffin tin from our kitchen.
Outdoor Music Station (4)Originally we used a couple tea cup hooks to hold up two wooden spoons for banging various objects with but we found that the children tended to hit so hard that these spoons would split in half, so instead we have taken to encouraging them to use sticks off the ground for hitting things with. We are constantly on the look-out for new things to add to the pallet but haven’t found much of anything that we like recently.

Next to the music wall is a small bush on which we hung empty tin cans and plastic bottles with pony beads inside of them. We wrapped the tin cans and plastic bottles with red, yellow, and blue duct tape to make them slightly more fun to look at.

Outdoor Music Station (2)

On the other side of the music wall is a small laundry basket filled with shakers. The shakers are simply empty plastic jars filled with small items and sealed shut so the children can’t open them. The small items I used were wooden blocks, wooden beads, nails, pennies, and cardstock letters; all things we had on hand.

Outdoor Music Station (3)

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