Outdoor Water Wall

In the hot summer months, playing with water is an excellent way to cool off, but I don’t always have the ability to fill up the paddling pools for them to have a dip. A water wall is a great compromise, a way to play in water and cool off, but without all the prep work and hassle of filling and emptying their pools.

Outdoor Water Wall (1)

In order to make our water wall we used two pieces of wire fence paneling, left over from our dog’s outdoor pen. We staked our fence panels into the ground at a 90 degree angle around a wooden pallet.

The pallet was free from our scrap wood pile, we painted it black with some paint we had left over from another project. While the pallet isn’t necessary to the water wall, I think that it is useful as the water drains through it and it gives the children a dry place to stand rather than on the muddy ground.

Next to the pallet and fence panels, we made a small table out of piece of plastic shelving unit. On top of the table we placed a 2.5 gallon water jug with a spout for dispensing water and we secured this water jug with a bungee cord hooked onto either side of the table.

Once the pallet, table, water source, and fence panels were in place and secure, we then used zip ties to attach sound tubes and funnels to the fence panels.

Outdoor Water Wall (4)

On either side of the water wall we placed small plastic laundry baskets with mixing bowls, small cups, pvc pipes, and small buckets.

Outdoor Water Wall (2)

Now all I have to do is fill up one little 2.5 gallon water jug and the kids can have all the cool, wet fun they want. No need to fill a big paddling pool. No worrying about where/how to empty it when they’re done. Heck, I probably won’t even have to worry about putting them in bathing suits to play with their water wall.

Outdoor Water Wall (3)

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