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Free Printable Minecraft Color-by-Number 100s Chart Pictures

Back in March I did a series of posts called “the ABCs of Raising Well-Rounded Geeklings” Everyday there was a theme which I either wrote about or I shared an activity for, and for every theme there was a linky party. Those linky parties are all forever-linky parties so they are an on-going, growing resource for ideas. The goal of my original series was to create the ultimate resource for geek parents to go and find fun things to do with their children and I like to think we did pretty well. However, I realized after the series was over that there were SO MANY aspects of geek parenting that I failed to address. I couldn’t fit it all into a mere 26 days. It reminded me a lot of the Dr Seuss book, “On Beyond Zebra!” A-Z was covered but there was still so much left! That is how the idea of “On Beyond Zombie” was born.

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The Ultimate Star Wars Linky Party

May 4th is coming up soon and I know many of us Star Wars fanatics are hunting down the perfect cosplays, crafts, snack foods, and lesson plans to “wow” our kids with.

To make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for, I and my co-hosts bring you The Ultimate Star Wars Linky Party. All things Star Wars separated by category for ease of searching.

But first a quick tutorial on how to make some super awesome Star Wars footprint (and paw print) art.

The Ultimate Star Wars Linky Party (1)



Chewbacca has become a pop culture icon in recent years. The subject of many great costumes, toys, and debates. Even among my own friends, someone will occasionally “speak Wookie” in an attempt to get a chuckle from the others (and its not always me!). If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed that even my puppy has a Chewbacca winter coat.

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Top 5 Posts of 2014

Suzy Homeschooler's Top 5 Posts of 2014 (1)

Another year has come and gone. The time has come for me to repress the urge to share cliche phrases about cherishing every moment and beginning anew. (Though they are cliche for a reason….)

If you are new to Suzy Homeschooler, or even if you just live a busy life, then you might have missed out on our best content this past year. Here’s a quick re-cap of the best 2014 had to offer. (more…)

Geeky Christmas DIYs


Geeky Christmas DIYs and MEGA CASH GIVEAWAY

Something about Christmas time always seems to bring the geeks out of the woodwork (or away from their game consoles, which ever the case may be). Perhaps it is the Doctor Who Christmas special we wait [im]patiently for, or perhaps it is the stack of brand new fantasy books we know we’ll find under the tree on Christmas morn. In any case there is no shortage of geeks catching the Christmas spirit and finding unique ways to make their holidays reflect who they are. (more…)

Free Printables

Free Printables from Suzy Homeschooler

* Literacy *
Golden Snitch Quidditch Themed Early Reader Cards
Golden Snitch Dolch Sight Word Cards for K-3rd Grade
George’s Marvellous Medicine ingredient labels and safe ingredient substitutes
-ish Words vs Nonsense sorting fish
Tolkien Copy Work Cards
Marvel Early Reader Cards
Achievement Unlocked Slips to Encourage Reading
Fill the Box Alphabet and Number Penmanship Practice Worksheets
All About Super Me Fillable Booklet


* Math *
Mario Themed Color-by-Number 100s Chart Pictures
Avenger Themed Color-by-Number 100s Chart Pictures
Minecraft Themed Color-by-Number 100s Chart Pictures
Zelda Themed Color-by-Number 100s Chart Pictures
Number Pattern Pages to review addition, subtraction, and multiplication 0-12
Multiply by 5s with Apple Blossoms


* Science *
Ocean Zone Song
Big Cat Nomenclature Cards
Animal Report Forms
Parts of the Brain Report Forms
Camouflage Lesson and Activity
Animal Tracks Nomenclature Cards
Poisonous Plants Travel Guide


* History *
TMNT vs Renaissance Artists
Parts of a Castle Nomenclature Cards


*Physical Fitness *
Homeschool Gym Day Activities, Christmas themed
Homeschool Gym Day Activities, Snow themed
Homeschool Gym Day Activities, Valentines themed
Homeschool Gym Day Activities, St Patrick’s Day themed
Homeschool Gym Day Activities, Super Hero themed


* Theme Units *
Comic Book Printable Pack
Cat Printables


* Tot School *
Tinkerbell Mini-Printable Preschool Pack
Insect and Number Mirror Cards
Stormtrooper Color, Shape, and Letter Cards
Do you know the weather man? Song
Upper and Lower Case Alphabet Matching Flowers
Gallifreyan Writing Christmas Playdough Mats
Color Matching Yoshi Activity


* Miscellaneous *
Homeschool Door Signs
Recycling Bin Labels
Custom LEGO MiniFig Template
Wild Kratts Birthday Party Invitations
Wild Kratts Birthday Party Favor Box Labels
Harry Potter Paper Snowflake Templates
Lord of the Rings “One Ring” Paper Chain Printable
Gallifreyan Writing Christmas Ornament Templates
Gallifreyan Writing Holiday Paper Chain Printable
14 Printable Valentines for Science Geeks

Interview with a Homeschool Dad #2

Today we are hearing from Frank Maier, the father of two successful young women whom he and his wife unschooled for the bulk of their education (minus a bit of time when his younger daughter experimented with public and private schooling but quickly grew bored and returned home). Frank’s daughters are now 20 and 21, they currently retain 4.0 and 3.9 GPA’s at the community college in which they attend and they will be transferring to larger universities in the coming year.
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First Day of School (and some ideas for Ocean Theme Unit)

LittleMan had his first day of school on Monday. We’re only a few days into it but so far so good. I half expected a tantrum or at least some defiance but it looks like he’s excited and mostly compliant, at least for now.

I had thought it would be fun if we dressed as zombies for the first day of school but LittleMan had other ideas.
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