Garden Themed Bath with Fizzing Dirt and Real Bugs

I touched a bit on our garden themed bath in my last post but I wanted to take a minute and talk abit about the details of the bath because it just was so simple and fun. LittleMan really loved it.

I got the idea for a garden themed bath from Bath Activities for Kids, which is run by the same woman who writes Growing A Jeweled Rose– both excellent sites for messy play inspiration.

Garden Themed Bath from Suzy Homeschooler (1) (more…)

5 Bath Paint Recipes and 5 Theme Baths We Used Them In (Also Known as My Quest to Find the Perfect Bath Paint)

If you are a pinner and a mom of young children then you may have seen these theme baths that have been floating around the blogosphere. In case you haven’t, the jist of it is this: its doing an activity based on a theme or an idea, in the bathtub before actually getting washed up. Usually it involves some form of controlled mess such as bubbles or paint. Which brings me to the point of this post, bath paint recipes.

There are dozens -DOZENS- of bath paint recipes on the web. So far I’ve only tried five. (more…)

Dr Seuss Birthday Party

Its that time of year again, the time in which children across the globe celebrate the birthday of a beloved author, the man who took children’s books out of the Dick and Jane era and taught children to love to read with his utterly wonderful nonsense. Unfortunately for Dr Seuss, this is a VERY busy time of the year for our family. Both of our children have birthdays within two weeks of March 2. That means a shopping spree at Build-A-Bear for SunnyGirl’s first birthday, and a tour of our local fire station for LittleMan’s four birthday. But wait, I’m not done yet! This year was extra busy what with the circus being in town, my having enrolled in online college courses, and us still unpacking from our recent move. Needless to say, we had very little time to celebrate with the rest of the world this year. I did manage to throw together a couple themed muffin tin snacks but nothing great.

However, last year we did have a pretty awesome Dr Seuss themed party (more…)

Avenger’s Literacy Kit

There is an endless supply of ideas on the web to teach children their name. People do it using paint chips, bottle caps, and a whole slew of other items. Why wouldn’t there be? A child’s name is very important to them.

I was working on putting together name kits for LittleMan- multiple tactile ways of learning his name as well as names of family members, how to recognize and spell each family member’s name, etc.. When it occurred to me that he might be interested in learning these same things about “people” who are important to him outside of the family. This thought occurred to me around the same time that I found this awesome lunch box at our local Party City:

Avengers Literacy Kit from Suzy Homeschooler (1)

And so the Avengers Literacy Kit was born. (more…)

‘Put Me in the Zoo’ Sensory Bin

Alittle intimidated to be making my first post on my first blog so, instead of jumping into talking about our preparations for our first homeschool year, I figured I’d take a step back into my comfort-zone and talk a bit about another one of our family firsts: our first sensory bin.

I fell in love with the idea of sensory exploration from the moment I first read about it and sensory bins seemed to be the least messy way of enjoying this type of play with my children. Of course it was only a matter of time before I let go of my fear of mess and started handing them bowls of shaving cream, but thats a post for another day.

Our first bin was based off the book “Put Me in the Zoo,” by Robert Lopshire. A personal favorite of my son’s.

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