Painting with Shades

LittleMan has long been solid on the concept of mixing primary colors (red, yellow, blue) to make secondary colors (orange, green, purple). About 6 months ago we did this project to introduce the concept of shades and he has since been obsessed with finding out what the names of all the various shades of colors are.
Painting in Shades, Suzy Homeschooler (1)
I wasn’t going to blog about this, hence why the pictures are 6 months old, but after seeing how deeply inspired LittleMan became from this simple activity I knew I had to share it.
Painting in Shades, Suzy Homeschooler (2)
The idea is simple enough. I had him pick a color from our paint selection, he choose green, then we put green paint into three small containers. LittleMan watched as I added black to one container, white to another container, leaving the third container straight green. I asked him to help me mix it and to pay attention to the color as he did so.
Painting in Shades, Suzy Homeschooler (3)
His reaction was strong; the idea of making 3 different greens just by adding white or black amazed him.
Painting in Shades, Suzy Homeschooler (4)
Once the paint had been mixed, it didn’t really matter what he painted since the concept had been introduced and talked about. I let LittleMan pick a piece of construction paper from the cabinet. He choose red then he asked me to draw a fish on it for him.
Painting in Shades, Suzy Homeschooler (5)
While I admit that I did eventually tire of LittleMan constantly asking what shades of colors were called and telling the cashier at the grocery store that, “red and white make pink,” I would still highly recommend this project.

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  1. jeanine says:

    i really love this! thanks for sharing! pinning now!

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