Paper Bag Crafts

Today I’m excited to be joining up with 49 other bloggers to bring you The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials. Throughout the months of January and February we are each taking a day to post about one craft material, today is my turn and I’ll be talking about paper bags.
Paper Bag Crafts Collage
Paper bags are one of those massively under-rated craft supplies that no one really pays attention to, so the infinite possibilities go unnoticed. Today I’d like to share with you paper bag crafts and activities for all occasions.

I’ve done my best to divide them seasonally but some might be fun year round.

Paper Bag Snowman Puppet [read it] [pin it] from Pacon
Paper Bag Stuffed Polar Bear [read it] [pin it] from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
Paper Bag Penguin Puppet [read it] [pin it] from Kidtastic Crafts

Easy Paper Bag Valentines [read it] [pin it] from Simplify by Sara
Paper Bag Valentine Album [read it] [pin it] from So She Says…
Paper Bag Lantern [read it] [pin it] from Inspired by Family
Paper Bag Teddybear Costume [read it] [pin it] from Suzy Homeschooler

Paper Bag Leprechaun Trap (scroll down, #1 simple trap) [read it] [pin it] from Leprechaun Traps
Paper Bag Leprechaun Puppet with Free Printables [read it] [pin it] from DLTK
Paper Bag Colors of the Rainbow Book with Free Printable [read it] [pin it] from Tip Junkie
Paper Bag Kites [read it] [pin it] from Sophie’s World

Paper Bag Bird’s Nests [read it] [pin it] from Happy Hooligans
Paper Bag Bird Puppet [read it] [pin it] from Free Kids Crafts
Paper Bag Flowers [read it] [pin it] from JoJo & Eloise
Paper Bag Lamb Puppet with Free Printable [read it] [pin it] from DLTK

Paper Bag Wreath [read it] [pin it] from About Family Crafts
Woven Paper Bag Easter Basket [read it] [pin it] from The Elli Blog
Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet [read it] [pin it] from
Easy Paper Bag Easter Basket [read it] [pin it] from The Essential Packaging Store

Paper Bag Picnic Utensil Holder [read it] [pin it] from Making Home Base
Paper Bag Owl Puppet with Free Printable [read it] [pin it] from B Inspired Mama
Paper Bag Owl Puppet (no printable necessary version) [read it] [pin it] from Kiwi Crate

Paper Bag Bald Eagle Puppet with Free Printable [read it] [pin it] from DLTK
Paper Bag Party Bunting [read it] [pin it] from Sarah Hearts

Paper Bag Nature Journal [read it] [pin it] from Crafting in the Rain
Paper Bag Fish [read it] [pin it] from
Paper Bag Octopus [read it] [pin it] from All Kids Network

Paper Bag Autumn Tree [read it] [pin it] from Pikadilly
Paper Bag Pumpkin [read it] [pin it] from That Artist Woman
Paper Bag Village [read it] [pin it] from Suzy Homeschooler

Paper Bag Magicians Hat [read it] [pin it] from Happy Hooligans
Paper Bag Monsters [read it] [pin it] from Our Thrifty Ideas
Paper Bag Native American Vest [read it] [pin it] from Surviving a Teacher’s Salary
Paper Bag Safari Vest [read it] [pin it] from Real Simple
Paper Bag Hulu Skirt [read it] [pin it] from Homemade Mimi
Paper Bag Robot Costume [read it] [pin it] from Filth Wizardry

Paper Bag Apple Tree [read it] [pin it] from Creative Jewish Mom
Paper Bag Scarecrow [read it] [pin it] from We Made That
Paper Bag Pilgrim Hat [read it] [pin it] from Making Friends
Paper Bag Roast Turkey Popcorn Snack [read it] [pin it] from One Charming Party

Whats in the bag? Christmas game that could be adapted for year-round play. [read it] [pin it] from Gift of Curiousity
Paper Bag Reindeer Puppet [read it] [pin it] from Craft-O-Maniac
Tree Gift Bag [read it] [pin it] from East Coast Mommy
Paper Bag Activity Advent with Printables [read it] [pin it] from The Connection We Share
Hand-printed Gift Bags. Appropriate for any gift giving occasion, not just Christmas. [read it] [pin it] from Back in the Hills
Paper Bag Scrapbook. Nice gift for any occasion or fun craft after a summer vacation. [read it] [pin it] from
Paper Bag Recipe Book. Good for holiday or year-round baking. [read it] [pin it] from Suzy Homeschooler

For these and more ideas please feel free to visit my Paper Bag Pinterest board.

Thank you to Georgina of Craftulate for organizing this series. I urge my readers to check out the other posts in The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials.Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials, Paper Bags
If you have a paper bag idea you’d like to share then please link up below.

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  1. I love how you divided it by month – very helpful if you’re looking for a specific holiday (of course I checked out the Valentine-themed ones first!). Great round-up of paper bag crafts!

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