Picture Word Puzzles

We’re always on the lookout for fun reading and writing exercises for LittleMan, not worksheets but hands-on activities.

Its double-y cool if we can find an easy way of extending an activity we already enjoy.

Picture Word Puzzles (1)

These Picture Word Puzzles Challenge Cards are a game that LittleMan and I enjoy playing. It isn’t too challenging so it builds up his confidence while still being good phonetic and reading practice. More specific game directions are included in the box but generally you play the game by shuffling the cards and dealing 5 to each player, players take turns starting and building on words in the center with up to 4 words being worked on at one time. It is a pretty straight forward and fun game which LittleMan greatly enjoys.

That said, after playing the game so many times, I was eager to find other ways we could use the cards.

Here’s one solo activity that LittleMan can do on his own:

First, he sorts through the deck and finds three cards that spell a word. Then he writes that word into his notebook.

Picture Word Puzzles (2)

After writing the word in his notebook, LittleMan flips the cards over and practices reading the sentence on the other side. The sentences are admittedly below his reading level, however with LittleMan being a reluctant reader, we find that practicing with lower reading levels has been building his confidence and making him more willing to try challenging material when offered to him.

Picture Word Puzzles (3)


All in all, I’d say these¬†Picture Word Puzzles Challenge Cards¬†are a great purchase for the preschool-kindergarten age range, or a fun activity to encourage a 1st grader who is a reluctant reader (like LittleMan). They are useful in their intended purposes but there is potential to find other ways of playing with them.

I think our next activity will be to write short stories based on the sentences on the backs of the cards. Some of them are quite silly and would make for a funny story prompt.

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