Pimp My Patio, Day Six

Due to Star Wars Day, today was a light day on the Pimp My Patio front. Don’t worry, tomorrow’s post will be awesome.

I did of looking around online for inspiration before I started this week-long project and I noticed that all the coolest, best outdoor spaces for children seemed to have something I couldn’t provide: a hide-a-way. A small space for the children to retreat to when they are tired or things are too hectic for them. There’s just no room on a small apartment patio for a teepee or a tent.

Still the need is there. Whenever my children, or my neighbors’ children, get tired we notice them trying to find a corner to slip into. Unfortunately there are two natural “nooks” in our common yard which both have something unsafe for the children, one has some wiring while the other has an a/c unit. We needed to find a place where the kids could feel sheltered but not be alone with something dangerous.

The solution was so obvious, I’m not sure how we didn’t think of it before: under the stairs.
The adults can’t fit under there without getting on our hands and knees but its a perfect fit for the children, there is literally nothing back there but walls and a floor, its guarded from sun and wind. Its perfect.

I wanted to keep it simple so all I did was hang a mobile made from natural items, and mount a mirror on the wall.
Pimp My Patio Day 6 from Suzy Homeschooler (1)
I may later add a pillow or two to sit on, perhaps a basket of pine cones.

Another large concern that had been weighing on me is that, if we are spending a large portion of time outdoors then we are going to need to be reapplying sunscreen fairly regularly. The best way to ensure that we don’t forget the sunscreen is to have it readily available, so I put a bottle of sunscreen in a water-proof box on the table by the chair.
Pimp My Patio Day 6 from Suzy Homeschooler (2)
Now there is no excuse to forget the sunscreen, its literally within arm’s reach.

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