Pumpkin Puzzle

Pumpkin Puzzle (1)
Oh how I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea I am about to show you, but alas I cannot. I got the idea for this puzzle pumpkin activity from Blog Me Mom.
Pumpkin Puzzle (2)
Well, actually I found it as a pin on Pinterest, which surprised me because I don’t often find ideas that I think are so unique and awesome on Pinterest anymore. Anywho, the idea comes from Blog Me Mom, not me, and it is fully awesome.
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If you don’t believe me, take my childrens’ word for it- they *LOVED* this activity!

Now, I did do a couple things a little bit differently than Blog Me Mom, but for the most part I repeated her ideas.
Pumpkin Puzzle (4)
One thing I did differently is that I didn’t gut the pumpkin before I cut out the puzzle pieces. The top was still on, and the guts were still intact when I first laid this tray down for my children to investigate.
Pumpkin Puzzle (5)
Another thing I did differently is that I didn’t stick with only geometric shapes, I also used a cookie cutter to help cut out the shape of a bat for one of the puzzle pieces.
Pumpkin Puzzle (6)
Instead of toothpicks as handles, we used popsicle sticks.
Pumpkin Puzzle (7)
I mixed in some literacy by writing the name of the shape on the pumpkin next to the hole that the piece goes into.
Pumpkin Puzzle (8)
Beyond that the idea is the same: fine motor practice, a bit of basic geometry.

Once the puzzle had been completed and taken apart and completed again on repeat for about 20 minutes, LittleMan then asked me to cut off the top so he could gut the pumpkin. This is the *first time* my children have ever willingly touched pumpkin guts! Normally they loathe the texture.
Pumpkin Puzzle (9)
I was impressed that not only did they gut the pumpkin, but at one point SunnyGirl actually took a slimy pumpkin seed and rubbed it on the top of her foot for a few moments.
Pumpkin Puzzle (10)
All in all this activity was a HIT! I thank Blog Me Mom for the idea and I encourage my readers with little ones to try this at home if you can.
Pumpkin Puzzle (11)

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