Rainbow Scratch Handwriting Practice

I am always on the look out for fun ways the kids can practice their basic skills.

Because, lets face it, handwriting can get so dull.

So when I saw some Melissa & Doug Rainbow Scratch Art Boards at the shop, I just knew that the whimsical colors and the novelty of scratching off a letter would be an absolute hit with SunnyGirl.

Rainbow Scratch Handwriting Practice (2) 

All you need to start with is the scratch art kit and a silver Sharpie marker.

Simply write out the letters in Sharpie onto the black board. Careful not to press too hard, you don’t want to remove any of the scratch layer.

Rainbow Scratch Handwriting Practice (3)

Model for your child how to use the wooden stylus to scratch at the letter and reveal a color underneath, then hand it over and let them at it!

Rainbow Scratch Handwriting Practice (1)

Your child might also enjoy using rainbow colored pencils on our free printable Fill-in-the-Box worksheets, which come in both uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers 0-9.

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