Rainbows and Contact Paper Fun

Its been a long time since we played with contact paper. In fact, here’s a picture of the last time we played with contact paper…

Contact Paper Sticky Window Catcher from Suzy Homeschooler

Note the darker carpet and the glass doors leading out into a backyard we don’t have anymore. It was about 8 months ago, when we still lived in the UK. So obviously, we were long overdue for some sticky, clear contact paper fun. And lucky for us, an opportunity presented its self with some fabric scraps I had left over from making this birthday dress for SunnyGirl:

Pecan Sandies Rainbow Patchwork Dress knock-off from Suzy Homeschooler

I got the idea for the dress from Pecan Sandies. She sells the dress on her Etsy, and I considered buying it from her. I just *LOVED* the design and knew it would make SunnyGirl so happy. But in the end I opted to make it myself. There’s just something about going to the store and picking out the fabric special with the birthday girl’s tastes in mind. Laboring over the sewing machine… It was an act of love I just couldn’t bring myself to pay someone to do for me. That said, I appreciate Jess from Pecan Sandies for having come up with the original idea. Such an amazing, unique dress design, she obviously has alot of talent!

Anywho, back to the point. The last time LittleMan played with contact paper, I just gave him free rien. I taped the paper up sticky side out and supplied him with a pile of tissue papers, pom poms, buttons, googley eyes, confetti, feathers, etc.. and let him have at it. This time was different. The dress is made up of a rainbow of fabrics, so I had a rainbow of fabric scraps.

I drew a rainbow with Sharpie markers on the non-sticky side of the contact paper, hung the contact paper on the wall sticky side out, then cut the fabric scraps into little squares. Too easy.

Contact Paper Fabric Scraps Rainbow from Suzy Homeschooler (2)

LittleMan thought this project was uber awesome. The result looked so pretty, we put a second layer of contact paper over it to seal it and now it hangs on the wall above SunnyGirl’s bed. (There isn’t a room in this house that doesn’t have LittleMan’s art on the wall! lol)

Contact Paper Fabric Scraps Rainbow from Suzy Homeschooler (1)




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