Top 10 Reasons to Stop Following a Homeschool Blogger

As a mother who is about to enter her 4th year of homeschooling, and as a blogger who has been writing about homeschooling for over 2 years, I follow a number of wonderful homeschool bloggers.
But I have learned along the way that for every one good homeschool blogger out there, there are ten more who are just rubbish.

Top 10 Reasons to Stop Following a Homeschool Blogger

Here are some red flags for rubbish homeschool bloggers. If you see any of these traits then you should not hesitate to click “unsubscribe.”


1- If their religious and/or spiritual beliefs are different from your own.

Obviously you choose to homeschool in an effort to protect your children from other world views. Why would you subject yourself to the toxic words of a non-believer or a false-worshiper? If you don’t want your child to read that smut, then you shouldn’t be reading it either.


2- If none of your homeschooling friends follow them.

You want to fit in with your homeshool community right? Well the best way to do that is to make sure you all get your ideas from the same place. Avoid standing out from the crowd by making sure to read and do only what your homeschool friends are reading and doing.


3- If they put some of their children in public school.

Putting a child in the public school system is the ultimate sign of failure in a homeschool family. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that homeschooling isn’t for everyone or that public school is really the better option for some children. Don’t waste your time following a failure.


4- If they admit to falling off schedule or having a bad homeschool day/week/year.

Homeschooling is a wonderful thing. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy all the extra time with their children obviously doesn’t love them. And anyone who can’t keep to homeschool schedule obviously doesn’t know how to manage their household. Why would you want to take tips from someone like that?


5- If they quote statistics or link to references in their writing.

A person with a strong conviction, who knows that they are right, would not feel the need to research their choices before making them. A person who is correct does not need to fancy up their argument with numbers. Besides, 99% of all statistics are made up anyway, and the studies they link to are probably flawed.


6- If they have sons but you have daughters (or vice versa).

Boys should be focused on science and math. Girls should be focused on literature and art. Following a blogger with children the opposite gender of your own ensures that you’ll be getting ideas and tips for subjects that don’t fit your family’s needs.


7- If they use a teaching method that is different from your own.

If you use classical education, then you have nothing to gleam from people who so-called “unschool” their children. If you use the Montessori method then you don’t want your homeschool sullied by those who use the classical method. And for the love of libraries, avoid anyone and everyone who claims to practice eclectic homeschooling. Eclectic homeschooling is just code for wishy-washy people who can’t commit to one method.


8- If they live in another part of the country, or even another part of the world.

The cultural differences of traveling even just a few states away from where you currently live can be so drastic. And following homeschool bloggers from other parts of the world is just a bad idea. You need to protect and shelter your mind the same way you do for your children. Avoid other world views at all costs. Stick to what you know.


9- If their children are older than your own children.

Because you don’t have any interest nor need to read the opinions of people who have “been there and done that.” Doesn’t matter that they may have successfully graduated children who have gone on to do great things with their lives. Doesn’t matter that they may have experienced all the good and the bad that homeschooling has to offer. Doesn’t matter that they are in a unique position to see the “big picture.” If they aren’t currently down in the trenches just like you, then you don’t need to hear from them. Much like grandparents- their time is over and they have become obsolete.


10- If they use humor in their posts.

Its homeschooling, not a comedy club. You follow it for practical advice, tips, and maybe even the occasional free lesson plan. People who try to be funny are merely covering up for the fact that their website isn’t a helpful resource. This goes double for bloggers who write entire posts as satire or sarcasm.


*This entire post was written sarcastically.

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