Saturday Science: Dissolution

After last week’s osmosis demonstration, I thought it would be fun to show the opposite. Instead of joining together, we are breaking apart. We are dissolving.
Saturday Science Dissolution1
In order to do this experiment, you’ll need a divided container or several small containers, water, and various kitchen scraps. We used mostly items from the spice cabinet such as ground pepper, garlic, oregano, flour, etc.. and we also used some small food scraps like a piece of graham cracker, raisins, marshmallow, and chocolate chips.
Saturday Science Dissolution2
We added water to each and observed them to see if they would dissolve or not. Some things surprised us by absorbing the water (osmosis) and other things didn’t seem effected by the water at all besides to float or sink within it. Most of the powdered substances dissolved but not all of them.

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  2. This is in my preschool plan, so thanks for the ideas of items to try. I hadn’t thought about using graham crackers or using an egg carton.

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