Saturday Science: Refraction

One of our favorite ways to make bath time more fun is to throw some glow sticks in the water. If you’ve never done this before, you should try it, the glow sticks make the whole bath water glow.
Saturday Science Refraction. Suzy Homeschooler
Of course, as with everything, there is an explanation behind why this works the way it does…


First you’ll need a little scientist who needs a bath.
Saturday Science Refraction. Suzy Homeschooler3
Then you’ll want to pick up some of these fancy glow sticks. Dollar Tree sells them for $1 per pack, Walmart sells them for 98c per pack. Or, if you find you do a lot of glow stick activities, you can do what I usually do and buy them in bulk online at $9 for 100.
Saturday Science Refraction. Suzy Homeschooler4
Crack the glow sticks to activate them, then toss them in the water and turn out the lights.

Observe the way the light changes when you move the glow stick in and out of the water. The way the light changes when it passes through water is called refraction.
A more concrete example of refraction can be observed anytime you put a straw into a glass of water. Note the way the straw seems to be bent or broken at the place where it enters the water.
Saturday Science Refraction. Suzy Homeschooler2


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  1. We just did glow sticks in the bath tub for the first time too. I didn’t think about the science involved! Next time I’ll have to point that out!

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